Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graduate David Kennedy speaks about what he enjoyed most about his course

David Kennedy, Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

David Kennedy, Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graduate David Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed everything that was on offer on his course

"I enjoyed everything about my course. The lecturers were fantastic, they supported each of us every step of the way.

The classes were fascinating and the discussions were eventful.

The course environment was excellent for meeting people and making friends, the students were great crack and very intelligent.

The support services in the college are especially helpful.

Overall, I would advise anyone to come to Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and to study the BA (Hons) programme."

Study the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at WIT

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) is a three-year level 8 degree at WIT. Students of the course will study subjects such as English Literature, Sociology, Irish and other Modern European Languages, Religious Studies, Psychology and others. The student will develop an expertise in two subjects as well as develop a questioning and creative approach to the modern world.

The BA (Hons) International is a four-year version of the BA (Hons) course. Admission takes place in second year and students spend their third year studying at an approved partner university or third level institution abroad, before returning to complete their final year at WIT.

Course Code: WD200

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