Student uses creative computing skills to tailor popular fashion blog

Pictured is Emer Eleanor, Walsh Rutherford who started out with the BSc in Multimedia Applications Development before progressing on to the BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing

Pictured is Emer Eleanor, Walsh Rutherford who started out with the BSc in Multimedia Applications Development before progressing on to the BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing

The variety of modules offered in the BSc in Multimedia Applications Development helped Emer discover her passion and develop skills to boost her blog

BSc in Multimedia Applications Development graduate Emer Eleanor, Walsh Rutherford not only enhanced the profile of her popular ‘Penneys to Prada’ blog by applying practical skills developed through the BSc in Multimedia Applications Development, but also recognised her desire for a creative career path in multimedia.

Penneys to Prada

Emer is a talented multimedia application developer with an interest in writing and an eye for fashion and beauty. Combining these interests, Emer established and runs a popular blog based around fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In Emer's words, “the blog is somewhere I like to share what I’ve been wearing, what I’ve been buying and what I’ve been putting on my face makeup-wise.”

For Emer, a rewarding aspect of the course was that it offered her the opportunity to develop practical skills, which she could use to tailor her blog in a way that’s fits her audience, without relying on external services.

“We had a module in first year that involved photography so that’s really helped me with the photos on my blog, they are just so much better quality-wise, even my composition and stuff.  After practicing HTML in web design I’m able to design my own blog and do it all myself, whereas other people have to get someone else to do it, so that’s really handy.”

A sense of direction

The BSc in Multimedia Applications Development offers a multitude of multimedia modules such as User Experience Design, Graphic Design, Web App Development, Video Production and Software Engineering, which can lead to a variety of career pathways. Emer believes this aspect helped her recognise that for her, a creative career is a passionate career. 

“I thought the course was really good, it was nice and broad and we got to see everything, from music to photography, to video production to web design, so it really gave me taste of what I want to do after college. It catered for everyone, so even if you didn’t like programming you could still do the creative side with graphic design. Personally, I love the front end, kind of creative side of it more so than the back end. I can do the programming side, but I do enjoy the creative side of it more. “

Emer’s student experience at WIT and new sense of direction has encouraged her to progress further with her studies by transferring into the final year of the Level 8, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Creative Computing, fuelled by a desire to build career in web design or graphic design upon graduation.

WIT’s social aspects

Not only does Emer like to connect with others through her blog, but also in person.

“Because WIT isn’t a huge college and it has just the right amount of students, I know loads of people from lots of different courses and there’s always a buzz around the place, even at lunch time. There’s always something going on and I think the students union do a really good job of always having something going on."

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