Students tell how level 6 Culinary Arts led to Level 8 food science degree


"We learned loads from the experiments that we were doing it was really good. It will definitely stand to us in the working world."

Sinead and Lewis explain how small class sizes and great facilities really helped them make the most out of BSc (Hons) in Food Science and Innovation

How did you get into the level 8 course?
Lewis: I did the level six and seven to build my way up to the level 8.
Sinead: We both started in a level 6 course which was Culinary Arts and we finished that higher cert and because of that we got to skip the first year of Food Science and Business. We went straight into second year of the level 7. So basically we did two years of the level 7 and then went onto the level 8

Did ye enjoy your time here?
Both: Yeah
Lewis: I did immensely and I want to go back right now. I want to enrol again.

What made you choose WIT originally?
Sinead: I heard it was good. I actually went to UL for a year before but there could be over 100 people in your class but here its small and it’s nice. You’re not just a number here, you’re a person.
Lewis: Also looking at universities they are more books where as an IT is much more practical
Sinead: Yeah we got to do so much practicals. It’s a huge part of the course. We learned a lot from the practicals.
Lewis: Yeah we learned loads from the experiments that we were doing it was really good. It will definitely stand to us in the working world.

What have you been doing since you finished?
Sinead: I’m working full time. I’m in Walsh's Bakehouse doing quality control. It’s great because it’s in Waterford so it’s really handy because I’m actually from here.

Why do you think people should choose WIT over any other college?
Lewis: You should definitely go because we have all the new facilities now so it’s way better than when we started. The canteen is unreal. The class sizes and lectures are great. There was only like 10 or 11 in our class so really got to ask questions and ask for help.
Sinead: Yeah and like in other places if you had a question you mightn’t have the chance to get to ask but here you can ask straight away and you will never be left behind. The lecturers would never power on without you. They will take the time to explain as best they can.

So it seems ye really enjoyed your time in WIT
Yeah it was really good. We will be roaring crying when we are leaving today.

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