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"Dipping into different genres, decades and styles of performance has allowed me to have a broad knowledge of the many facets of the performing arts"

Bachelor of Arts Theatre Studies student at Waterford Institute of Technology Natasha Everitt is one half of the duo behind the 'Storybooks and Stockings' is a burlesque cabaret show running Waterford’s Central Arts on 11 and 12 March.

“Our practical theatre classes allow for the exploration of different performance styles and theories of drama, with each lecturer and student bringing a different quality to the table. Kate McCarthy and Elizabeth Howard have interests in dance and performance art, and these have influenced me greatly in my creative work outside of the college. Having the opportunity to dip into different genres, decades and styles of performance has allowed me to have a broad knowledge of the many facets of the performing arts,” says Natasha.

She has been involved in the arts for a long time: “In Waterford I've worked and acted with then likes of 'Loose Screw Theatre Company', 'Jim Nolan', 'Theatre Royal', and I've created my own independent shows also.”

Natasha applied to do Arts at WIT, initially as an English major. “When I discovered the theatre course, and rediscovered my passion for theatre - I changed my major to theatre and couldn't be happier.”

Her most recent theatre works have been creating, writing, directing and performing in 'Animadversion' a night of performance art. She played a multitude of roles in the Theatre Royal’s recent King Lear Review, and has a few other projects in the pipeline for after 'Storybooks and Stockings'.

She has been involved in burlesque since last August when she and Sinead Gould formed burlesque duo 'Xhale'.

Sinead, a former WIT business student hosts weekly burlesque dance classes in Waterford. She has been involved in dance from a very young age, now performing in both Ireland and England.

Burlesque isn't as well known down in Waterford as of yet, but Sinead does weekly burlesque dance workshops which are full of fun, exercise and empowerment, says Natasha.

The show has the sultry elements of burlesque filtered through a lot of other dance styles, explains Natasha. “It's a great way to introduce empowerment and confidence to women, and it's great for the local arts scene to be able to have something different in its repertoire.” 

Following her studies at WIT, Natasha would like to continue with creating, performing and working within the arts, stretching to both local works and abroad. “I'd like to do some specialised training - Marina Abramovichs school looks like it would be an amazing learning experience - and mainly be happy knowing that I can be involved in my passion on a daily basis!”

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