Accommodation services in WIT gave Nadine ‘the better end of the deal’ 

Nadine Murphy at Conferring 2018

Nadine Murphy at Conferring 2018

Nadine Murphy from Arklow, Co. Wicklow has just completed a BA (Hons) in Marketing with Advertising and Online Media and is working in Dublin in an ad agency on big brand names

Have you started working since finishing college? 
Yes, I am working with an advertising agency in Dublin at the minute as an account executive. I look after the day to day running of areas like finance, admin, research etc. I also work with big clients like Samsung, National Lottery and Desperados so it is a wide range and very interesting work.

Thanks to the skills I picked up in my BA degree I can respond well to challenges and overcome them with a bit of hard work. The work varies quite a lot from day to day. Some days I could look after admin and finance and others I could be working on really exciting projects. During my internship, I worked on a project that transformed a bridge in Dublin into a harp. I was very lucky that I was given the opportunity to continue working in a job I love after graduating. I really really love working there.

Where are you currently living? 
I am living in Arklow so at the moment I’m commuting daily to and from Dublin. This is really tough because it is about a two hour commute in the morning and one and a half hour commute in the evening. So it’s an extremely long journey to make daily but the accommodation pricing and standards in Dublin currently are ridiculous, I’m also only after finishing my degree so it is not possible financially. I lived in Waterford for the duration of my degree and I never realised how lucky I was with the accommodation services. Although I do hope the accommodation services improve soon and hope to move closer to my work in the future.  

Do you think that was a benefit of coming to WIT? 
100%, a big factor of why I chose Waterford in the first place was the accommodation services! A lot of my friends attended colleges in Dublin and they had to endure a serious amount of stress that is never fair on a new student, most of it due to the search for accommodation and even worse the price. They were all paying at least double of what I had to pay and for less standard housing. The fact that I had a great college, nice city and very nice house to live in I would say I had the better end of the deal by a long shot! 

Interviewed by Kayleigh-Ann Myles at Conferring 2018 

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