Accounting graduate Gemma secures job with a Big Four firm

Pictured is Accounting graduate, Gemma Heaslip who is now working at PwC

Pictured is Accounting graduate, Gemma Heaslip who is now working at PwC

After visiting the WIT open day and talking to the course leader, Gemma decided to study accounting at WIT, leading to her current path of success

Graduate of BA (Hons) in Accounting Gemma Heaslip secured her job in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) early. In first year, she was shortlisted and won the PwC Scholarship. As well as receiving financial support throughout her studies, she was guaranteed a job in one of the Big Four accounting firms (the firms dominating the industry) following graduation.

Working locally

She started her training in Dublin in early October before moving back to the Waterford office. She feels she “has the best of both worlds.”

She went on to say “I was drawn to the Big Four. I’m working for an internationally renowned company and I’m based in a smaller office in Waterford. Some of my counterparts in Dublin and overseas have to do very specific areas of audit while I get to work in general audit and develop a broader skillset. This is important at the start of a career I think.”

Accounting at WIT

Gemma loved her time in WIT and didn’t want to leave. “I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work in accounting. I’ve come out with my Cap 1s already complete and have only two more years of study which is a real advantage.”

“I feel really lucky to have studied in WIT and my friends studying in different colleges are amazed at the relationship I have with my lecturers. It’s the benefit of smaller classes - you know all your lecturers and importantly, they know you. It makes a big difference in the learning experience,” Gemma comments.

Choosing WIT

Speaking about how she made her decision to study BBS at WIT, Gemma says, “Originally, I wanted to study away from home, to get that experience. That all changed after I went to WIT’s open day and met Paul Treacy, the course leader of the accounting course. Everything he said convinced me that WIT was for me, that the course was as good, and I now think better, than other courses.”

Study-work balance

Gemma thinks it’s important to get the study-work balance early on. In college, she spent her week days in classes and in the library and the weekends working. Now her balance has shifted a full 180 as she’ll be working weekdays and studying at weekends.

“There’s no doubt that accounting is a tough career with long hours in the beginning but I know it will pay off in the end. It can open up a lot of opportunities in a lot of areas and a lot of countries around the world,” Gemma says.

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