Anthony choose to re-educate himself once the recession hit


"It is onward and upward really."

Electrician by trade turned electronic engineer Anthony explains how he loves the move into electronics which he finds constantly interesting and challenging

Anthony O’Keeffe from Waterford graduated with a BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering.

Why did you come back to education? 
I am an electrician by trade so as soon as the economy broke down, I decided to either move abroad or re-educate myself. So, I went back to college and reeducated myself in a discipline that is relative to what I was already doing. The lecturers are extremely helpful, they were always there to help whenever I needed it. I spent as long as I did getting the degree that I wanted so it makes my job easier. It also gives me the option to go back into the construction industry, but I don’t want to because I enjoy doing electronics. It's interesting and it is constantly challenging.

Did your course have placement? 
I did work placement up in Galway in a company called Western Automation. I worked for eight months there so that was interesting. It was more of a test technician. role as opposed to an engineering role, but you still needed to have a decent education to understand what was going on.

Any advice for people considering this course?
Don’t give up on it. Stick with it. It will stand by you because there are job opportunities out there. It's interesting, it will always change so it's always new. If you have any sort of interest in it then stick with it. I found maths hard in the Leaving Cert, but I got through it. 

What are you doing now?
I was over in the Netherlands working as a test engineer for a company called Neways Advanced Applications. I have just recently moved back am now working as a Test Engineer in Boston Scientific in Clonmel.

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