Applied Computing gave Rachel time to choose her specialism


"Most people got their jobs from placement. It’s really good."

A ‘general programming and computer based degree’ allowed Rachel to branch out into what she loved and find her current job through work placement

Rachel Kavanagh from Waterford graduated with a BSc in Applied Computing in 2018.

Since 2018 entry, Applied Computing is a common entry course which gives students a year to decide which of six areas they would like to specialise in. At the end of year 1, students must confirm their degree option and may change their selection up to that date. In years 2, 3, and 4 you will take a specialism or stream. These are: Automotive and Automation Systems, Computer Forensics and Security, Cloud and Networks, Games Development, Media Development, and Internet of Things.

What was your Applied Computing course like?

Applied Computing is the most general programming and computer based degree. It is really good because a lot of people don’t know what they want to do so you can branch out into forensics or entertainment systems and things like that. With Applied Computing you can study the general area then decide what to branch out in.

What did you study?

I picked forensics as my stream but now I am working in software development. I am working in Data Works as a software engineer. It’s a local company that work to bespoke software for mostly pharmaceutical companies.

Did you do work placement?

We do three to six months of placement in third year, from that I work there today – from doing my placement there. Most people got their jobs from placement. It’s really good.

What was your experience of WIT?

It is so close knit, everyone knows each other. The lecturers know your name. They really try to help you especially Mairead [the course leader]. Everyone is just lovely.

Interviewed by Susie Brennan at Conferring 2018

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