Available Places: I want to apply, what do I do next?

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Read on if you made some wrong choices on your CAO list and have discovered that you would enjoy studying one of our courses on the Available Places list

If you are applying for a course on offer through the CAO's Available Places scheme it’s better to get the process started sooner rather than later so you can start college as soon as possible. So this is what you need to do now.

1. Talk to us and make sure you understand Available Places. Available places applicants should phone WIT directly to get a full understanding of the process before applying. The Ask WIT helpline is open weekdays 9.30-5. Telephone: 051 834176 / 051 834177. You can also watch the video on the CAO website as to how Available Places works. It’s a complicated process, and the video explains it well. You will also find information on WIT's process on the Available Places webpage www.wit.ie/availableplaces.

2. Read course outlines. You may love a course title, or have heard from someone that a certain course would suit you down to the ground. But do you really know what it involves? Read the course outline in detail and put together any queries you may have. Ask a question on the course page, during one of our online Q&As or when you visit.

3. Research whether you are suited to the course. We have a 'How to research your CAO options' resource for CAO applicants as well as 'College choices – the parents’ manual' at www.wit.ie/how. We recommend people use the worksheets there to figure out if one of the available places courses is for them and it’s something they will enjoy studying for the next three to four years.”

4. Book a campus visit. Our graduate ambassadors will be on hand to give you a tour of the campus. Bring your friends or your parents and find out more about what it’s like to study at WIT from two graduates. Check availability. Take a day trip or a weekend break to Waterford. Get inspired on the VisitWaterford website.

5. Talk to people. Want to work in a certain career? See if someone working in that area will talk to you – friends, families or teachers may know someone through their network. Have more questions? Please get in touch to talk through your options under the CAO's Available Places scheme. Tel: 051 834176 / 051 834177.

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