BSc in Quantity Surveying workshop on 3d & Measurement Software

a screenshot of Cubit in use

a screenshot of Cubit in use

On 5th March the Quantity Surveying programme welcomed Mr George Boyle to WIT

George who is a co owner of Building Software Services Ltd (Buildsoft) presented a workshop and tutorial on the latest version of Buildsoft's 3d and BIM measurement software 'Cubit 8'. The tutorial was extremely well received by our programme Lecturers and undergraduates who picked up lots of worthwhile tips and pointers to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the measurement task and make best use of the latest versions interface in our Measurement and Estimating modules here at WIT. The programme leader Mr Robert Smyth would like to extend his thanks to George for kindly providing his time to the course and we look forward to welcoming him back in the near future

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