Business School and Combined Credit Unions Promote Scholarships


The Lisduggan, St Dominic's and Waterford Credit Unions have combined over many years to generously support students at WIT. This has been achieved through sponsorship of the John Hume Scholarship and the Graduate Scholarship. 

This year's scholarship winners are Lisa McGrath (BBS Programme) and Kelly Dunford (MBS Programme). Kelly is undertaking a study in 2013/14 with a human resource management dimension on staff performance in credit unions.

Dr Tom O'Toole remarked "We appreciate the support of our students by the Combined Credit Unions, confident in the knowledge that our graduates and staff will continue to play important roles in credit unions in the years ahead. We also recognise the valuable role credit unions fulfill in our shared community, and the critical contribution they play in financing educational participation across the region."

The Credit Unions also provide educational loans on favourable terms to their members, which, helps many WIT students to cover the cost of their education.

In photo: (L-R) John Maher (Lecturer), Mr Pat Murphy (St Dominic's & Combined Credit Unions, Waterford), Kelly Dunford (Graduate Scholarship Recipient) and Dr Denis Harrington (Head of Graduate Business)


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