Civil Engineering students visit the local municipal water and wastewater treatment plants


Civil Engineering year 3 site visit to the local municipal water and wastewater treatment plants.

WIT Civil Engineering students were accompanied by staff on a day long tour of the local municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. The day started with a visit to the upgraded water treatment plant at Adamstown, Kilmeaden (capacity 190,000 p.e.) where the raw water supply from the Ballyshonnack and Knockaderry reservoirs and the Mahon and Clodiagh rivers are treated and distributed via an intricate network of pipelines and storage reservoirs to Waterford City, Tramore, Dunmore East and the surrounding areas.                                                                                                                              

East Waterford water treatment plant

East Waterford water treatment plant, Kilmeaden.


Mr. R. Barry, Asst. Plant Supervisor

Mr. R. Barry, Asst. Plant Supervisor detailed how the network of pipelines and reservoirs are continuously monitored and controlled from the central control room at Kilmeaden.

Students then travelled to the wastewater treatment plants in Piltown and on to Belview. As Piltown is one of the oldest and smallest operating treatment plants in the region and Belview the largest and most modern, visiting both offered the students the opportunity to compare the layouts and processes used for small (older) units with minimal mechanical/electrical systems and large advanced computer controlled treatment systems, both of which essentially carryout the same function but on different scales.

Biological oxidation of wastewaterBiological oxidation of wastewater

Biological oxidation of wastewater via trickling filters at Pilltown wastewater treatment plant.

Students inspecting the intake at Pilltown Students inspecting the intake at Pilltown

Students inspecting the intake at Pilltown under the supervision of P.J. Phelan( Kilkenny Co. Co.)


Waterford wast water treatment plantAerial view of the Waterford city waste water treatment plant.


WIT student group

The student group which this year includes Irish, Brazilian and Saudi Arabian students were informed of the operation of the biological oxidation process in Belview by Mr. C. Rush (Anglian International) and Mr. P. Tooher, (Snr. Exec. Eng. Waterford City and County Council).


waste sludges

On all sites the students saw first-hand how the waste sludges are collected, processed and disposed of. These processes included pasteurisation, anaerobic digestion, thickening, blending and dewatering.


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