Clubs and Societies helped Snell from level 7 to Master’s degree in WIT


Gaelic footballer Jamie Snell, a sports scholarship student, discusses how sports clubs and societies enhanced his five years in Waterford

What course have you just completed?
I have just graduated with an MBS in Marketing.

What are you doing now?
I’m currently working for Bank of Ireland, at the moment I’m dealing with customer enquiries and problems with accounts. However, their graduate programme application deadline ended today and I applied for that so hopefully I will be successful in my application and get a transfer from where I am into the grad programme.

Where are you working at the moment?
At the moment I’m based in Tallaght. Hopefully in the next week I will be transferred to the main branch on O’Connell Street. I commute everyday up and down.

Did you live in Waterford when you were studying?
Yes, I lived down here for the 5 years I attended WIT, from a level 7 to a Master’s Degree.

Do you think the affordability of accommodation in WIT made a big difference to why you could live in Waterford for the five years you studied here?
It’s one thing I would always tell secondary school students when they’re looking for places, you’re not going to get somewhere like Waterford in terms of how good the city and the houses are, the rent is so little compared to the prices in Dublin, Limerick and Galway that was a big factor in my decision making at the time of CAO as well.

You already got to the next question, why did you chose Waterford IT?
I was originally caught in a limbo between Waterford and Carlow, I initially liked the courses in Waterford more and found them more flexible so I went with WIT for my level 7 and decided that if I did not like it I could change for my Level 8 as it was only three years. Whereas after three weeks of being here and getting involved in clubs and sports etc. especially the GAA club it had a complete family environment and once I was here and settled in there was no leaving or attending any other college. I had the opportunity to go to DCU for my masters but I was too happy in Waterford to leave.

What advice would you give to new students of WIT?
If I got the chance to talk to first years now I would really emphasis on the importance of joining clubs and societies. Getting to know your class and a strong group of friends eliminates the feeling of isolation straight away. There are so many clubs and societies in Waterford and there is something for everyone, I found I had my class friends, my sports friends. So because the college is on the smaller side I could walk into the canteen and see about 15-20 I have met through the club and classes, that’s an amazing feeling. If I didn’t interact as much as I did in WIT, it could be an extremely lonely place because college is big and very intimidating at first. My first two weeks I was living with older students who had already settled in and through C&S I made this sort of network of people that made me feel at home in WIT.

How do you feel about graduating today and what’s your plans for the future?
That’s a tough one because as summer approaches and your finishing you dissertation you kind of have to decide between going further in education or going to work. The last 18 months I have been really looking forward to working so the PHD option was not for me, although five years in education in WIT has been great. I am happy today to be finished and finally start my career with a strong education behind me.

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Interviewed by Kayleigh-Ann Myles at Conferring 2018

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