College is the “best time of my life” for engineering student

BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Energy Engineering student at WIT, Lisa Martin

BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Energy Engineering student at WIT, Lisa Martin

Sustainable Energy Engineering student Lisa Martin has had great experiences since enrolling at WIT, from gaining independence to her work placement

BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Energy Engineering student Lisa Martin decided to choose her course due to her passion in the built environment and renewable energy.

Work life

In third year, each student in the course is required to take part in work placement, which Lisa found with Bausch & Lomb in Waterford Industrial park. While on placement, Lisa worked as part of the facilities team.

“Getting to go on placement on such a big, multinational company was a great experience. I got to see a lot of the things I had learned about in class and in textbooks working right in front of me. It will be of great benefit for me heading into my final year and for my future career. I gained great experience from this and it is a great benefit that placement is included in many WIT courses.”

Varied course outline

Preparing to begin her fourth year at WIT, Lisa has found particular modules interest her, “Within the Sustainable Energy Engineering course there are a number of computer based modules where different computer software’s are explored. We are taught computer software such as AutoCAD and Revit are taught along with others.”

Your choice

When determining what the right course is for you, Lisa suggests choosing a course you have an interest in, “It is very hard to pick the right course. I remember in my Leaving Cert year I changed my mind on my CAO many times. It's a hard choice to make. Just make sure to do something you have an interest in and could see yourself working on in the future.”

A healthy balance

Having moved from Gorey, Wexford to Waterford for college, Lisa has been enjoying her time as a student in Ireland’s oldest city since, “When you leave home for college you learn to live without your parents and become independent, you get your own freedom. Waterford has a great social scene. There are plenty of fun activities around the city to keep you busy and lots of great pubs and nightclubs.”

Lisa added that her college years have been her most exciting yet, “When I was in school teachers would always tell me that these would be the best years of my life. I found that not to be true, in fact my college years have been the best time of my life. I have grown into the person I want to be and I am not shaped by other people’s opinions. I have learned how to be an individual.”

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