Completing a masters helped Edmund maintain his chartership


"This is another step forward that keeps me in the game and also allows me to progress another notch up."

Edmund Mansworth came back to complete a Masters of Science in Construction Project Management 8 years after completing his undergraduate studies

What made you choose WIT for your Masters?
Honestly, the delivery of the course suited me. I choose WIT for the modules and the fact that there were no exams throughout the course. The course work played to my strengths and I was happy to do it this way.

Did you come straight from your undergrad to your masters?
No. I completed my cert first and I came back 20 years later to complete my degree. I took 8 years out before coming back last year to complete my masters.

Why did you decide to come back and do the masters?
Really it was for chartership. Obviously most professional bodies want chartership. I’m a member of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers. They are now looking to upgrade engineering council to CEng status for people. You need to have a level 9 for this so that was the logic behind the masters for me.  

How did you find it coming back to college after a few years out?
I actually found it quite easy to come back. I’m self-employed and a lot of my work involves writing reports anyway. Going back to do the initial degree was a big change after 20 years but it stood to me for the masters and I found it reasonable easy to adjust. Obviously standard wise you have to bring it up a notch but you realise that after a few weeks

Has coming back given you more opportunities in relation to work?
There was such intensity around the course it’s only now that I’m standing back thinking okay what did I get out of it and how do I apply it? Certainly it changed my way of thinking, improved my writing skills, certainly improved my research skills and also, previously when I was studying we were using books, now everything is done online so it improved that too. It allowed me to see that the world has changed.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of coming back as a mature student for their masters?
I would say it’s certainly worth doing. I mean I’m self-employed so there is definitely a financial benefit. It allowed me to continue my business and study. For the younger people on the course wanting to progress into business now want masters so it helps open opportunity for employment. Your basic cert that I had years ago soon became worthless and that’s why I did a degree. I would have been excluded from certifying construction work. This is another step forward that keeps me in the game and also allows me to progress another notch up.

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