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The 9th annual Waterford Engineering Week at WIT will run from Monday 10th to Friday 14th February 2014. Waterford Engineering Week, in association with Engineers Ireland’s national Engineers Week, aims to showcase engineering as an exciting and diverse career option for students, celebrate the engineering profession and raise awareness of how engineers contribute to society.

It is a national priority to attract more young people to careers in engineering. The latest national skills bulletin highlighted the shortage of engineers. In the current economic climate it is vital the country produces enough engineers to fuel economic recovery. Interest in engineering courses has been growing as young people are becoming much more aware of the opportunities in different careers.

Engineering has a very real and important impact on the world we live in; from the buildings we live in, the planes we fly in, the smart phones we use to the energy crises facing the planet, engineering is central to our everyday lives and helps shape our futures.

Waterford Engineering Week aims to foster an understanding and interest in engineering in primary and secondary level students, which will encourage many of them to choose to study and work in this diverse and exciting area.

Waterford Institute of Technology provides courses at all levels in the major disciplines of engineering and this is reflected in the range of events on offer. We have a range of workshops, lectures and presentations to suit different ages and interests including:

  • Feel the Heat: Junior Cert Heat and Energy

  • Rolling with Robots

  • Engineering Croke Park

Many of the events are booked up but please see the CALMAST website for full information.

For more information on the National Engineering Week, click here.

For information on engineering courses at WIT, visit the School of Engineering.

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