Feedback and support from New Frontiers experts helped Taoglas founders

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Dermot O'Shea in San Diego where Taoglas USA is Headquartered with staff at Halloween

Dermot O'Shea in San Diego where Taoglas USA is Headquartered with staff at Halloween

Dermot O'Shea participated in New Frontiers in 2005 at the age of 29 with Taoglas, now a global company with further expansion plans

About Taoglas

Taoglas currently has over 250 employees globally across 6 locations and ships millions of antennas a month into the automotive and IoT sectors for products such as cars, electricity meters, medical devices and payment terminals. It has offices in Enniscorthy, Dublin, Munich, Taiwan, San Diego, Minneapolis and soon to be Shenzen, China.

Taoglas is in the business of Antenna and RF design and manufacturing for automotive and Internet of Things (IoT). 90% of wireless hardware fails because of poor antenna and RF component selection and integration. Taoglas solves that problem by ensuring the correct choice, integration, testing and deployment of antennas for your wireless design.


Designers of wireless products for automotive, smart metering, medical devices and remote monitoring

Experience of New Frontiers

When did you participate in the New Frontiers Programme


Where did your business idea come from?

Two Irishmen in Taiwan living and working there whom wanted to run their own global business. We started selling antenna components to the antenna industry and found that their customers were actually being under serviced. We solved a problem by providing tailored solutions fitted to their and the application needs.

How has the New Frontiers Programme helped you to get where you are today?

The programme provided excellent content and focus at the time it was most relevant, when I was living through it. It was a great help to not only have business templates and tasks to complete but to do them on your own business and have feedback and support from experts whom have done it before. Also the fellow participants offer great support and escape from the loneliness of starting a new business. It really helps in areas you are weak in for example finance and accounting if you have never done those modules before.

What age were you when you started on the New Frontiers programme?


What advice would you give to those considering the New Frontiers programme?

Research the details on the website, talk to the management and past participants if possible. If you are really serious about establishing a scale-able international business the programme is a fantastic opportunity to help you

remain focused to achieve your goals successfully. I would advise you do the programme without hesitating and see it through.

What's your vision for the business for the future?

To be the leader in Antenna and RF components in IoT, Automotive and for 5G communications. We will achieve this by continuing our expansion globally with our winning team and culture and to continue to develop the right products for the sector.


Twitter @taoglas


Find out more about participating in New Frontiers at

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