Finance and economics combination attracted Mark to WIT for MBS study

Mark Keenan, MBS Economics & Finance graduate from Longford

Mark Keenan, MBS Economics & Finance graduate from Longford

Following thorough research Mark Keenan discovered a masters in Waterford was the best option for him from a financial and course content perspective

Mark Keenan graduated with a MBS in Economics & Finance from WIT in 2017. We spoke to him at Conferring 2017.

Why did you decide to do this the MBS in Economic and Finance?

I studied in Trinity College Dublin for four years. After Trinity I took a year out, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and wanted to go home [to Longford] for a year. I always knew during that year that I’d come back to do a Masters. I was did a huge search, I was looking abroad as well. I had an offer from an Italian college, they were slow to get back to me and the bureacyracy was tough to sort out. I started looking closer to home. I saw Waterford. I emailed the course leaders and was getting instant responses. The fact that Waterford is a low cost city helped me as well because I was paying for my Masters myself. I wasn’t sure whether to do Economics or Finance so the fact that both were combined together- it was a combination of all those reasons that I chose it.

What do you plan to do next?

Almost straight away I had a job - KPMG in Cork. I am working on a project with them on the Irish banking sector. I am not on the grad programme but I am working with KPMG. I am enjoying that. I am straight into the real world. I was never in Cork before so I was happy to try somewhere new.

What was living in Waterford like after four years in Dublin?

It was a bit slower but it was good. I was happy with the cost of living, that was the main thing for me; I was delighted. Once I made friends I was happy and I did do that. Also I could get the bus home, I could get Bus Éireann home. With the masters especially studying a lot of the time and there’s not a huge amount of socialising every night.

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