Food Science and Innovation Students at WIT showcase innovative food products


Students from the level 8 programme, the BSc (Hons) in Food Science and Innovation presented and showcased the innovative products they developed during the course of their studies at an event in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) recently.

Using the knowledge and expertise that they have gained over the year, the class developed products such as “Mirror Pastilles” (natural sweet product with health benefits), “Probeo” (probiotic fruit juice), “Butter meets Carmel” (carmel butter), “Squeezy Cheese” (innovative product for children`s lunch box), “Crocs Crunch” (Strawberry cream cheese with crunchy strawberries) and D-Yogro (yoghurt with added vitamin D).

The BSc (Hons) in Food Science and Innovation (WD181) is a one year, add-on programme which follows on from either the BSc in Food Science and Business (WD164) or the BSc in Agricultural Science (WD078).

Eleanor Kent, Course Leader said, “This is the first year of the programme and the teaching staff are looking forward to developing this aspect of the programme even further in the future. There is an opportunity for small local industries to get involved and have their ideas explored by students who could work on a project for the year.”

The rationale for the programme is based on an analysis of the importance of the Food and Drinks industry in Ireland. In order to offer a course with a unique and innovative approach, cross departmental co-operation has been a major feature in its development. The modules offered bring together science, business, enterprise and the culinary arts responding to the needs of the food industry. It course also includes real industrial type tasks such as market research, business plan development, product innovation and manufacture, sensory analysis and show casing of new products.

According to Ms. Kent, “This one year add on honours degree responds to the current needs of industry in an innovative and imaginative way. The graduates from this course will have the necessary skills based on science, business and enterprise to face these future challenges of the food industry.

For further information on this initiative or on the programme, please contact Eleanor Kent, Course Leader at [email protected]

Pictured: David O`Keeffe with his product "Mirror Pastilles" which are a confectionary pastille which possess active ingredients in the formulation which contribute health benefits. Photo: George Goulding.


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