Free Office 365 means saving of €80 for staff and students

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Students and staff can use industry-standard software such as Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote on their own devices and at home for free

Staff and students in WIT can now get the latest version of Microsoft Office as well as 1TB cloud storage for free thanks to a global education initiative from Microsoft.

The cost of a student license is approx. €79.99.

The free service is provided by Microsoft for the duration of an individual’s employment or study at WIT. It allows for the installation of Office on up to 5 devices including PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices. Full versions of: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, and InfoPath are included in the offer.

The 1TB of cloud storage on offer through OneDrive means staff and students can access documents easily from anywhere once they have internet access.

According to Microsoft the roll out at WIT is part of a worldwide initiative now in its second year; and many other third level institutions in Ireland are rolling it out at the moment.

 “We are doing it to help drive productivity and in turn having every teacher and student using Microsoft to help drive their productivity and also getting students ready  life after college using the industry standard software,” a Microsoft spokesperson told WIT.

Students will benefit by being able to use the same software they can access at WIT at home or on their own devices rather than using open source software or paying for a Microsoft license.

“The benefits to the student are that they are all using the same software and they are getting more productive in college/uni or school through using the MS suite.”

According to Microsoft the educational offer entitles customers with a Campus Licensing Agreement or an Open Value subscription to Student Advantage aka ProPlus (free Office).

Microsoft has clarified that refunds will not be available to individuals who have just bought a license. “You could still avail of your student entitlement of free Office and download it on up to 5 devices, for example pc/laptop at home, your phone/tablet,” a spokesperson said.

Find out how to download and install Office 365 at [url=][/url].

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