From business student to trainee teacher for Paralympic athlete

Pictured is Orla Barry

Pictured is Orla Barry

Orla Barry, a Paralympics medallist explains how studying Business Management with Law at WIT has helped her along the road to becoming a teacher

Orla Barry is a member of the Irish Paralympic Athletics team and has two Paralympic medals, 2 World Championship medals and 3 European medals all for throwing discus. She was a Sports scholarship student when she was in third year at WIT and was a member of WIT Athletics Club.

Orla is now studying a Professional Masters of Education Post Primary with Hibernia College.

What do you hope to hope to achieve in the future?

I hope to get as far in my sporting career as possible. I also wish to complete my masters and establish a teaching career.

How has your studies at WIT helped you to get where you are today?

Studying my level 8 degree of Business Management with Law has allowed me to go on and further my studies so that I can become a post primary teacher in Business and Accounting.

How do you balance study and sport?

Balancing a sporting career along with studying can be tough. Good time management skills and self motivation are very important to ensure you are keeping on top of your work.

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