From WIT to New Zealand followed by Dairymaster Award for Ag student

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Final year Ag Science student, Robert Tobin

Final year Ag Science student, Robert Tobin

Final year Ag Science student Robert Tobin spent a six month period in New Zealand working on a dairy farm and then won the Dairymaster Student Award

Final year BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Science student Robert Tobin recently received the Dairymaster Student Award for his Final Year Research Project at the Department of Science Industry Sponsored Awards.

Ag background

Robert also spent his third year work placement in New Zealand, where he worked on a farm of 1500 dairy cows.

Having come to WIT from a farming background as well as studying ag science for his Leaving Cert, Robert claims to have always had a keen interest in agriculture.

Dairymaster winner

“Winning the Dairymaster Student Award has been one of the biggest highlights of my time studying at WIT. It has made the effort and huge interest I have put into my Final Year Research Project along with my four years of studies in WIT worthwhile and of great value to me.”

Lifelong learning

The practical element of the course along with the work experience helped Robert establish himself in the ag industry, “the work experience gave me a wide range of skills which will be useful looking to the future. While in New Zealand I got a great insight into the business model and the various systems while travelling and meeting new people. It was the experience of a lifetime. The BSc (Hons) Agricultural Science is a fantastic course. It is very practical and will set you up for a successful career in the industry.


For those considering studying ag science at third level, Robert says go for it if you have a passion in the area, “I would recommend any student with a keen interest in agriculture and in particular the science aspect to consider this course. It give the perfect mix between lab work, practical skills and theory to set you up for a successful career in agriculture.”

Finding a balance

Curious about how to juggle study and exams with enjoying college life? Robert suggests finding a healthy balance, “I would advise students to have a healthy mix between their work and social life, both are essential!! Keep your head down as much as possible and set yourself both long and short term goals to work towards.” 

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