Computing course skills led to working opportunities as a student

Pictured is Michael Taylor who is now working at Brightlight after graduating

Pictured is Michael Taylor who is now working at Brightlight after graduating

Positive student-lecturer relationship benefited Michael, as a lecturer/friend helped him find work placement that was best suited to his interests

Studying the BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Applications (now offered as the BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing) at WIT helped graduate Michael Taylor expand his professional network and develop a strong skill-set, enabling him to freelance in web development during college.

Building a professional reputation

Michael is now working as a web developer at Brightlight, a provider of creative Web Design and Graphic Design solutions located in Butlerstown, Co Waterford.

Before joining Brightlight Michael gained valuable experience and built strong networks while freelancing in web development during his time at college and engaging in work placement in nearForm, a software company based in Tramore, Co Waterford, both of which paved the path to his current positon.

“Through work placement and doing stuff you earn a reputation and that’s how you get work in this kind of field, through your reputation. You need to put in effort and you need to make contacts in a professional setting, so that someone will go so-and-so is pretty good,” comments Michael. During his time as a student he developed a strong set of skills, which enabled him to engage in working opportunities external to college. 

Learning to learn

One of the most important takeaways from college for Michael was learning how to learn a skill that can be applied throughout all aspects of life.

“I think the biggest lesson from college is not what you learn, it’s how to learn, and that’s what college teaches you. It’s not the modules, college teaches you how to learn and you take it from there and you apply that to everything else,” comments Michael.

Like many students, Michael was on the hunt for work placement that suited his interests. With the help of a lecturer who helped make introductions, the hunt for such placement was made easier for Michael and he is an advocate for maintaining good relationships with lecturers and support staff.

“I think that college is also about developing proper relationships with people. Once you get to college you need to realise you’re an adult, and that’s it. Everybody here is also an adult, and you just need to grow a sense of yourself,” adds Michael.

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