Head of Technology Company Highlights the Importance of Flexibility in Business


Bob Savage from EMC presents to postgraduate students in WIT

Vice President and Managing Director of EMC Ireland, Mr. Bob Savage, delivered an engaging presentation on his experience in business at EMC to postgraduate students and faculty members of the School of Business as part of the School’s Top Leaders Forum at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). EMC, the US technology multinational, is a leading developer of cloud, big data and trusted IT solutions, employing 2,700 people in Ireland.

Dr. Thomas O’Toole, Head of the School of Business at WIT said, “We are very privileged to have someone of Bob’s calibre speaking to our students. EMC is an innovative technology company and it’s a great learning experience for our students to see how the company plans to grow and expand in an industry that is constantly growing and transforming itself. EMC are currently collaborating with TSSG’s FAME research group and we are very fortunate that EMC has such strong links with the Institute, links that we hope to maintain and grow into the future.”

Mr. Savage joined EMC in 1988 as a test engineer, following the advice of a trusty advisor to gain experience with a growing multinational company. While his electronic engineering background was the “bedrock” of his career, Bob was also keen to expand his knowledge of business outside engineering and gain a broader understanding of business from various perspectives.

Mr. Savage was keen to highlight that EMC’s transformational strategy is an example of a business that, instead of retrenching, has used austerity as a catalyst for wholesale change, and with impressive results. He also stressed that communication of key objectives and visions must be shared by all levels of management and employees must be involved in the process.

A year of transformation lies ahead for EMC with Cloud computing and big data set to transform the face of IT globally. At EMC Ireland, the company continues to encourage and develop employees learning and pride themselves on being a “value” player rather than a “cost” player in the market.

According to Mr. Savage, “EMC’s Centre of Excellence is our largest manufacturing site outside the US, with 28 business functions and 44 nationalities on site speaking 26 languages. By bringing together people from different perspectives, instilling a culture of teamwork, trust and an appetite for innovation, we have shaped a shared vision based on mutual respect and a belief in the transformative impact of our products and services. As a country, we have the human capital, innovation and entrepreneurship needed to grow sustainably, create jobs and build tomorrow’s knowledge society and economy.”

EMC has recently joined the FAME consortium (Federated, Autonomic, Management of End-to-End Communications Services), a Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) who are conducting research in the area of network and service management. FAME, the €5.86 million funded cluster , is a consortium led by WIT’s Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) and includes leading academic research groups from TCD, UCD, NUIM, and UCC as well as industry partners.

This research programme, which aims to develop leading edge communications management solutions for next generation networks, is the first SFI Strategic Research Cluster to be led by an Institute of Technology.

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