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Dawn Smyth, Layla Hughes  & Dr Paula Lane in Vienna

Dawn Smyth, Layla Hughes & Dr Paula Lane in Vienna

Dr Michael Bergin and Dr Paula Lane, Department of Nursing & Health Care as well as a former student presented at the international conference in Vienna

A number of the Health Science faculty at WIT presented at the International Health Promoting Hospitals conference in Vienna. This year’s conference theme was ‘Lessons from the past, solutions for the future’

These included Dr Paula Lane, lecturer in nursing and health at the School of Health Sciences, WIT; and Dawn Smyth, staff nurse at Whitfield. Being asked to present at this event was a great honour for Whitfield’s Dawn, “I have worked in Whitfield Clinic since October 2015 and I am a proud member of the team there.  When I started working in Whitfield I was impressed by their commitment to Continual professional development of staff and their emphasis on yearly updates in clinical skills. Whitfield Clinic is committed to clinical excellence and collaborates with Waterford Institute of Technology and International Universities on several research projects and educational programs. Whitfield have a reputation of clinical excellence and strive to provide high quality patient centred care. I feel incredibly proud to have been supported by Whitfield Clinic to attend the International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals this year.  Internationally we have a lot to learn from each other with regard to the provision of healthcare and achieving clinical excellence.”

Also included in the photo is Layla Hughes, a current nursing intern, yr 4 BSc candidate (intellectual disability) who was the first intern from undergraduate nursing programme WIT to present her work at the 2017 WHO international health promotion conference. Layla was supported by Brothers of Charity and her work on limiting physical restraint where behaviour that challenges presents in care settings, through the use of best practices such as positive behaviour strategies.

Layla Hughes says she is delighted to have had her work published in a peer-reviewed journal. “I was encouraged to develop my assignment for publication by one of my lecturers at Waterford Institute of Technology, Dr Paula Lane.  It was a great experience to work with Paula and learn what is required to prepare a piece of work to submit for publication.  Being the first undergraduate intellectual disability nursing student at WIT to have had work published is a privilege and I hope that other students will feel inspired to follow suit.  The publication has undoubtedly helped boost my CV and I am so grateful to Paula for the support, advice and encouragement that she has given me.”

People with Epilepsy and Irish Mental Health Care Provision

Dr Michael Bergin, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing & Health Care attended and presented a paper titled ‘People with Epilepsy and Irish Mental Health Care Provision’. "I was lead investigator for this study and this research was funded by the HSE, South East. The paper explored the views of people with epilepsy who use mental health services, and also, explored the views of mental health service providers," he explains.

Other co-authors named on the paper were Majella Mc Carthy (Research Assistant for the project), Louise Bennett (Lecturer at the Department of Nursing and doctoral candidate exploring empowerment and epilepsy services which is a separate study and Prof. John Wells, (Head of School of Health Sciences).

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