“How taking a campus tour helped me choose to study at WIT”

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Prospective students are recommended to avail of a campus tour at the WIT campus before choosing their third-level course

Prospective students are recommended to avail of a campus tour at the WIT campus before choosing their third-level course

WIT want you to make the right choice for you. We offer campus tours where you can speak with graduates and students to help you with your decision

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) offer campus tours to prospective students who are considering enrolling in WIT and are curious about the campus and college life.

The campus tour is delivered by the institute’s graduate ambassadors and helps the student get a taste for potential college life at WIT.

The initiative has proved successful for a number of current students, both the typical Leaving Cert student as well as mature students who are considering returning to education.

Which college is for me?

Leitrim student Kevin Byrne booked a campus tour to help him choose between BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Science in WIT and Dublin Institute of Technology.

"Having researched my chosen course in WIT, I was still unsure whether it was what I wanted. Being a mature student and being away from school for 10 years it was a huge decision to make. I attended a personal tour two weeks prior to the start of the course as a final decider to undertake the chosen course or not.”


“After an excellent tour of the campus, facilities and an overview of my course details I decided to go for it”, Kevin added.

Kevin felt more confident about enrolling at WIT hearing the Graduate Ambassadors own experiences, “hearing the tour guides personal experience, who was a graduate of the institute, played a huge part in my final, whole hearted decision. They gave me an insight into the goings on of the college, city life and what to expect from the local amenities."

Not sure which course?

Current BA (Hons) in Social Care Practice student Paul Bennett availed of a campus tour due to his confusion between two possible areas of study, the social care course and the BA (Hons) in Social Science.

“Personally I was torn between two degree courses, and found it difficult to select the one that was right for me as both offered equal opportunity for the future. However, each course was delivered on a separate campus one being College street, and the second taken on the main campus. This in itself made my decision all the harder, but after contacting WIT to organise a campus tour, things became so much clearer”, Paul said.

Some personal experience

Paul was given the opportunity to speak to Social Science student, David Conway, who offered advice to Paul on the course.

“David, a mature student offered a great insight of what to expect during your time at WIT and the facilities the main campus has to offer. While Aoife, an employee at WIT was very friendly and gave great practical tips and advice for college life and how things operate.” Paul added.


Following much deliberation, Paul was confident with his choice and decided the social care route was for him, “personally, I could not have made my decision without the continued help and support from both Aoife and David and would highly recommend a campus tour to anyone considering WIT in the future.”

Stay prepared! We recommend joining a club or society at WIT when you start college here, take a look at some of our students experiences as being a part of a club or society.

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