How to pick the right ‘social’ course from WIT’s School of Humanities

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

We explore the career options offered by the Social Science, Social Care Practice and Applied Social Studies in Social Care courses at WIT

A common query is what is the difference between WIT’s courses with ‘social’ in the title. To help people ensure they have their courses in the genuine order of preference we asked people involved in the course delivery to explain in their own words what each course leads on to.

BA (Hons) in Social Science

We asked Michael Tobin to tell us more about the Level 8 BA(Hons) in Social Science programme.

What career will this qualification lead people to? Graduates of the course have progressed to many pathways such as; Social Work, Research, Human Resource Management, and to working with various Non-governmental Organisations.

What do students learn? Our students’ core focus is to understand and analyse the implications of and responses to social problems for marginalised and vulnerable members of society. Students engage in key social science debates while also placing an emphasis on the applied nature of the discipline.

How is the course structured? The course is structured to provide students with a wonderful opportunity to gain a solid academic foundation in a range of related disciplines. The programme places a strong emphasis on inter-disciplinarity. Social science students develop an ability to critically analyse society and social relationships in the increasingly complex world we live in. The high level of student/lecturer engagement helps in creating a quality learning environment.

BA (Hons) in Social Care Practice

We asked Jim Cantwell to tell us more about the Level 8 BA (Hons) in Social Care Practice.

What career will this qualification lead people to? Working with vulnerable people in society and developing the skills set to do that work is immensely rewarding work for those who are drawn to the field of practice.

What do students learn? Students who come on this programme will change - growing their understandings, values, beliefs and self awareness. The professional standards required of practitioners in Ireland will challenge all those qualities in the student to grow to that professional level. There is a combination of knowledge based and practice base learning that the student is exposed to on the programme. They frame a journey that students undergo which is professionally and personally developmental.

BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care

We asked Jane McGrath to tell us more about the Level 7 BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care

What career will this qualification lead people to? The BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care is a three-year course which will qualify you to work as a Social Care Worker.  As part of this degree course, you will do two 12-week full-time placements where you will gain valuable experience in this area of work.   These placements have led to job offers for many of our former students and are helpful in enabling you to decide where or what type of social care agency you would like to work in once qualified.

What is social care work? Social care work is very broad; it can involve work with children, young people or adults in a wide variety of settings.  Primarily it is about supporting and helping vulnerable people to make their lives better.   Some examples of this include working with people with intellectual or physical disabilities, with children and young people living in the care of the Irish State, in after-school clubs or other ‘youth work’ facilities; with families needing additional supports in the home or with people experiencing homelessness. 

Further study: If you wanted to gain a level eight degree, once qualified you could progress on to the one-year level BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care, or explore the part-time version, both of which are available in WIT.   Please note that all entrants to this course are subject to a Garda Vetting procedure.”

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