Impressions of Ireland: International scholar Sergio Bothelo Junior

Sergio on Waterford city's quays

Sergio on Waterford city's quays

A visit to Waterford before he started his PhD confirmed for Sergio that the best move for his career was a move to WIT from Northeastern Brazil

Name Sergio Botelho Junior

Course title PhD in Business with focus on innovation and regional development

Hometown Fortaleza. I was born in Sao Paulo (Southeastern Brazil) but moved to Fortaleza (Northeastern Brazil) when I was 12 and spent most of my life there and got most of my education. Fortaleza is very different to Ireland in many ways, namely, it is very warm throughout the year, it doesn’t rain very often. In addition, as Fortaleza is sea-sided, there are plenty of white sand dunes, coconut trees and the sea water is really warm. Instead of heating, we are always looking for places with air conditioning.

Why WIT WIT was very well recommended to me by a former student. He explained to me about how seriously a PhD was taken at this institution as well as the line of research of his academic supervisor (who ended up being my supervisor also) and I got pretty interested. I really like the campus where I am based, Carriganore. It is located in the outskirts of town in the middle of hilly green fields, where I can see a river and farms from the distance. I also like where I conduct my research, ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre. ArcLabs is a business incubation facility as well as a host for successful research groups, such as CEDRE, which I am a proud member and receive a lot of incentives from my academic supervisor to publish and attend relevant conferences in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe.

I love Ireland and Waterford because of the friendliness of its people. Irish people are not only for the craic, but they are also really warm-hearted. Everything in this isle is so green that amazes me every time I am outside town. I also like the impressive quantity of rainbows that appear in the sky.

Course choice I chose the course I am studying now because I have worked with business innovation in Brazil. I used to be a consultant for small companies and was able to verify the impact it can cause in different businesses. In addition, I used to teach business in Brazil and studied business innovation in the regional context in my Masters, which I really enjoyed. My PhD is a much more complete and in-depth version of my Masters since the line of research is similar.

Study path I did my Undergraduation, Specialisation and Masters in Fortaleza/Brazil. I ended up in WIT because, after I received some very good recommendation about the institute, I exchanged many emails with its International Office and with my Supervisor. A year prior to start my PhD I came to Waterford to meet my supervisor and visit WIT. It was a confirmation that it was exactly what I wanted, and then I notified the school I was teaching that semester would be my last one. So here I am, happy the decision I took.

Extracurricular activities I like doing many things in Waterford and around. Waterford has two very nice parks as well as many different trails and places if you like hiking. I like skateboarding (longboard) and Waterford is a very nice place to go around on my skateboard. It has many restaurants and pubs to mingle with locals too. During summer, it is great to visit Tramore and Dunmore East, two lovely sea-side towns that offer many attractions and receive tourist from Ireland and other countries. I also recommend going to Kilkenny to visit its castle or Dublin to do get to know its various places and cultural life. 

What are your recommendations to future visiting scholars? I do recommend to students to go out as much as they can to pubs and restaurants. Irish people are friendly and students from many different backgrounds make this town very interesting and charming. I also recommend people to go for a swim in Dunmore East and Tramore. Even though the water is pretty cold, it is a unique experience and the sea is just beautiful over there.

Next steps I finish my studies in 2018 but I like Ireland so much that I really don’t know if I want to leave the country. I intend to carry on doing research because I really enjoy it and want to get involved in teaching experiences as well.

Career focus My course is going to make a very relevant contribution for my career. I am a researcher, teacher and consultant. Being a PhD gives me a much deeper capacity of analysis and contribution not only to my career, but for society in general. I find it is just meaningful and useful to share knowledge.

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