Impressions of Ireland: International scholar Zhi Chen

MSc in Information Systems Processes graduate Zhi Chen

MSc in Information Systems Processes graduate Zhi Chen

From the busy city of Wuxi in China to the slower pace of life in Waterford, Zhi chose a MSc at WIT following undergraduate final year studies here

Name Zhi Chen

Course title MSc in Information Systems Processes

Hometown  Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Wuxi is in the south of China, adjacent to Shanghai. It is a beautiful city with gorgeous sceneries. Most people in China will think of it when planning a trip. There are some fluctuant hills and one large lake in Wuxi. Also, we have historical places of interest. Ireland is famous for natural landscape as well.

The biggest difference between Wuxi and Waterford, or Ireland, is that we have a larger population. So pace of life is faster in my hometown. You can see crowds in public places, but there are much less people in Ireland. Life in Ireland is relatively quiet and slow.

Why WIT I chose WIT because I once studied here in WIT as a 4th year student. The former experience left me a deep impression which was a splendid memory. I met nice teachers in all of my courses, also taking part in some social activities and making friends with other International students. They were all kind to me. I would like to have another year of great experience as a master student in WIT. WIT provides great facilities for studying, entertaining and shopping.

The library was always the most attractive place for me to make progress effectively. The education system in WIT, personally I think it is effective and practical. I can learn a lot through practices by myself. Waterford is a nice place for people to live. It has a pleasant climate. Sometimes the sunshine is quite enjoyable. I used to go to Tramore for a long walk along the beach. People in Waterford glad to talk to me and be helpful. I went to several places apart from Waterford in the first time when I was studying in Ireland.

There were always beautiful, neat paths, winding roads, colourful flowers, green forests and clear blue sky. I love those small towns, they are filled with cultural atmosphere and histories. Dublin is the capital city, much similar to large cities in China. In general, Ireland made me think of coming back again after my graduation

Course choice My current course is Information Systems Processes, which focuses more on human beings’ systems. I used to learn knowledge about how to program and how to develop a system from the perspective of computer systems, rather than systems in people’s daily life. Besides, this course can teacher people to manage a project from the view of a general manager, not just from the view of a programmer. For me, it is a brand new area to explore. But I believe finally it can provide me with experience of trying to be a good project manager. It’s a big challenge anyway, but I’d love to try it.

Study path  2010 – 2013 I finished my first three years of Bachelors study in China, graduating from Nanjing university of Information Science and Technology. My course was software engineering. 2013 – 2014  I completed my fourth year of Bachelor (H) in Software systems development in WIT, and achieved first class degree. 2014 – 2015 Afterwards, I went to the University of Edinburgh, UK, and achieved my first Master of Science Degree. My course was Computer Science.2015 –  now   And then, I came back to Ireland, continuing with the great relationship with WIT.

Extracurricular activities I often go to the gym for some sports which are held by clubs in WIT, such as table tennis and badminton club activities. In there, I met many other international students, and some local students as well. We established good friendship and had great times. Tramore and Dunmore are the best two places for me to have a long walk along the beach, especially on sunny days. I bet you will enjoy the beautiful views on the beach.

What are your recommendations to future visiting scholars  Waterford is definitely a worthwhile place to go. You will enjoy the living environment and friendly relationship between you and others. WIT will not let you down if you desire for solid professional knowledge. The learning process can be interesting, tough work coming along with happy leisure times. The library is a great source for you to make use of, depending on how much you want to get from it. If you have any problem, no matter it is in study or daily life, just go to the International office or student centre, staffs will always come to help with a big smile in the face. 

(Story originally written in early 2016 while Zhi was a student at WIT) 

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