International Financial Services Conference - Hamburg, June 2013


The Institute of Financial Services (iff) and the University of Hamburg, in conjunction with the European Coalition for Responsible Credit, hosted its 8th Financial Services Conference in Hamburg from 6-7 June,

This year’s theme was: ‘Are we on the road to needs oriented products?’ and attendees included academics, bankers, insurers, investment managers, financial regulators, consumer groups and other non governmental agencies active in the field of consumer advocacy. The conference provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and dialogue regarding national and international issues in retail markets for financial services.

A panel chaired by Sebastien Clerc-Renaud (iff) examined financial advice and education. John Maher, lecturer in Financial Services in WIT Business School was a key contributor to this panel. Other speakers included Mark Flander (UK Money Advice Services), Dr Maria Cristina Portugal (Lawyer & Consumer Advocate in Portugal) Professor Zsolt Hajnal (University of Debrecen, Hungary) and Boštan Krisper (Slovenia Consumers Association).

The panel examined the challenges that exist in securing consumer interests. Contributors noted the significance of timing of market interventions in support of consumers, in order to optimise the associated consumer benefits. In the context of the public policy goal of obtaining a positive impact for as many consumers as possible, the choice of channels and instruments was considered important.

Other matters covered at the conference included bankruptcy law, commission bans with respect to the sale of financial products, European models of private old age pensions, and the role of consumer protection in the field of financial supervision.

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