Jade obtains a place in Harvard as a direct consequence of studies in WIT


Jade returned to WIT to complete a masters in Business which allowed her to work with the European Commission as part of her workplace dissertation.

Jade Power is a past pupil of Colaiste Cois Suire, Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny. She came to WIT in 2012 and completed her undergraduate studies in LL.B. Bachelor of Laws. In 2017 she returned to WIT, this time to study Masters of Business (Marketing).

Time at WIT
2012-2015 and 2017-2018

Why did you choose to study at WIT?
I chose the MBs in Marketing at WIT as it offered a variety of modules which would bolster my education, whilst additionally affording students the unique opportunity to travel, to Leuven and Brussels in Belgium, where we were challenged with tasks related to our specialization in such a fast paced business environment.

The opportunity to select our own dissertation topic in collaboration with a business or organisation also drew me to WIT as it allowed us to choose areas so diverse and unique to each student.

What was your experience?
I really enjoyed the International study trip as it challenged me both personally and professionally. Working with students from other specialties provided challenges and opportunities, in particular being paired with those from the finance stream where I found I learned things I would not have necessarily learned in my own stream, and also took the opportunity to make friends with those from different courses.

Can you recall your feeling when finding out you were offered a place in WIT
I was thrilled to be offered the place at WIT in the MBs. as I had been unsure I would be successful due to my background being predominantly law based. It was exactly what I needed to explore my creative side in a business academic based environment.

What advice would you give to students considering your course?
I would advise students considering my course to utilise every available resource and opportunity to market yourself throughout your studies. I was fortunate enough to be selected as class representative which afforded me opportunity to collaborate with the course leaders on the international study trip.

This gave me the chance to appreciate the gravity of the trip when discussing such with the course leaders in advance, and in turn ensure I maximized my participation in such. Also, using LinkedIn throughout your studies will afford you fantastic exposure to build yourself as your own personal brand on a platform for potential employers to see you and your progress.

I would also advise the students to be sure and thoughtful in their selection of their dissertation topic as early in the process as possible. Time-keeping is a huge factor in undertaking a masters and sticking to schedules you have agreed to with team mates.

Additionally, remember that personalities clash in every group endeavour and not to take things personally in group tasks as the semesters end quickly, as do the group projects, so if you clash with a classmate over a project, the best advice I could offer is that you suck it up for the benefit of the overall project grade.

If your course included a work placement, what was it like and how has it been of benefit?
My course gave me the opportunity to work with an organisation for my research dissertation, for which I was fortunate enough to work with the European Commission. This was the highlight of the course for me as I was allowed to access to materials not yet released whilst researching the effects education level has on perception of the EU Brand. My research took me to the European Commission Representation in Ireland and also further afield to the European Commission's Communications Department in Brussels.

As you can see being able to select your own organisation means there are no limits to what you can do with the MBs at WIT.

When and where was your first job after graduating?
I worked part-time with the Local Enterprise Office throughout my studies, which I continue to do whilst I continue my studies. I'm currently undertaking the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Where are you currently working? What position do you currently hold?
I am currently an administrative assistant at Piltown Local Enterprise Office. I am also open to offers which will accommodate my further studies.

How has your studies at WIT helped you to get where you are today?
My studies at WIT have assisted in my progression and nurtured my love for marketing and strategic management which is what lead me to apply to Harvard.

I am delighted to say that I have been successful in obtaining this place as a direct consequence of my studies with WIT. I'll be pursuing the Masters of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Business Management with Harvard University this year.

How did your experience at WIT help get you to where you are now?
My experience at WIT helped to inspire my determination to progress and also nurtured my ambition and confidence to do so. The lecturers were so encouraging throughout my studies and I know that they are still on hand for advice should I need guidance. That mentoring side of the course is not highlighted often, but is so visible to all who participate.

Tell us whatever you want that we haven't asked about
A special mention should go to Margo O'Dowd the Graduate Business Administrator, who was/is a constant source of support for all the students throughout the course. All the students loved her.

Living arrangements
Lived on my own.

What is Waterford like as a city for college social life?
Waterford has so much to offer socially speaking, however as a graduate school student you ought to get used to not seeing much of it until you finish the course.

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