Kilkenny Cillin Hill Visit by WIT Sustainable Energy Students


BEng in Building Services Engineering and MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering students together with lecturers, Ronan Meally and Mervin Doyle took part in a site visit to Kilkenny last Wednesday. The students visited 2 sites in Kilkenny in order to review the use of alternative heat and power generation technologies.

Firstly Cillín Hill was visited, kindly facilitated by Mr. Michael Lynch, CEO of Cileen Hill and visit provided by Mr Philip Twomey. At the site, the use of the Combined Heat and Power plant, which generates electricity and utilises the waste heat generated. was explained by Philip to the students. The electricity is used on site and the waste heat generated, used for space and water heating. In addition the site also has a large wood chip boiler plant and extensive HVAC systems; the use of which was explained in great detail.

Then, the group proceeded to Hotel Kilkenny where, Micheal Harold provided a review of the Combined Heat and Power plant, which also generates electricity and utilises the waste heat generated. In this case the waste heat was used for space and water heating in the hotel and leisure centre. The hotel also has extensive HVAC systems, particularly systems associated with the swimming pool and leisure centre.

Both visits to different sites illustrated the use of combined heat and power on two diverse sectors with different load profiles and energy requirements.

Building services engineering and sustainable energy engineering are the only programmes of their type in the south east, both programmes accredited by Engineeers Ireland. Students from both programmes are extremely sought after by employers at present.


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