Land Sciences lecturing team: Dr Imelda Casey, Agriculture lecturer


"Agriculture has become a very popular area to study with many of our students going out into industry rather than going home to the family farm."

A former grassland researcher, Dr Imelda Casey's interest in agriculture stems from her involvement onher home farm and with farming organisations

Dr Imelda Casey

Lectures on: Quality Food Production, Agriculture and Environment

Modules taught Agriculture and the Environment, Chemistry for Land Scientists, Food Analysis, Research Methods

Home is Araglen, Co Cork

Land Science credentials: I am from a well known dairy family Farm in Rochestown near Cork City and was very involved in Carrigaline Macra na Feirme. I spent eight years as a grassland researcher in Teagasc Moorepark, Co Cork. 

My interest in agriculture stems from my involvement on my home farm and involvement with farming organisations. As a graduate of UCC I was offered an opportunity to carry out a PhD in grassland via Queens University but based in Teagasc Moorepark. Due to my strong agricultural background this was an obvious choice for me. Following this I spent eight years there as a grassland researcher. A post became available at WIT to lecture in Agriculture. It was a perfect position for me as I could combine my research experience with lecturing .

PhD title: A study of sward structure development and its influence on bite dimensions of grazing dairy

Research interests: Sward physiology and agronomy, nitrate leaching, grassland management, carbon sequestration

Links with industry: I have maintained strong collaborative links with AFBI and Teagasc.

Thoughts on…

Career trends for Agriculture graduates Graduates in recent years have had a good diverse range of careers ranging from the food industry to research positions in Teagasc.

The main challenge facing the Ag industry in Ireland is the constant change in commodity prices and competition on world markets.  All of those in the agriculture industry need to be flexible and resilient to adjust to the constantly changing markets.

My top tip for people wanting to get ahead in ag science is to be versatile in their thinking so that can diversify into a number of different agri-related industries when necessary.

A little known fact is that sward canopy structure and leaf content is an important factor influencing the intake of the dairy cow and this is influenced greatly by grassland management but also by cultivar selection :

How times have changed Agriculture has become a very popular area to study with many of our students going out into industry rather than going home to the family farm. Students are becoming more conscientious and ready to avail of a more diverse range of jobs following graduation. Our graduates are now in teaching research and advisory positions as well as industry positions. 

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