Law undergrad and finance masters proves the perfect mix for Niamh


"My experience at WIT has helped me a lot as I partook in an internship in my masters and it helped me to get in the door of a company and since I have been here I have been promoted and I have been training in new staff, I love every moment of my job."

Staying in her home city to study was the smart financial decision for Niamh who found work in an international financial services firm in the south east

Mercy Secondary School Waterford past pupil Niamh Hennessy continued onto do a MSc in Global Financial Information Systems (GFIS) following her BA (Hons) Law degree which has led to a fulfilling role in BNY Mellon in Wexford.

Why did you choose your course/ to study at WIT/ study in Waterford?
When I started college back in 2013 I studied at with mainly for financial purposes, as I was only 18 and was unemployed. My parents were paying for college, so I chose to study at WIT to help them out. I soon grew to love everyhing about WIT from my courses and lectures to even the nightlife and events thrown by WIT. I have met and made close relationships with lecturers and fellow students that I will cherish for years. After my undergraduate course I went on to complete a Masters in UL. I was used to smaller class rooms, this was totally different in UL, I loved WIT so much I came back after my masters in UL to study a masters in WIT and I do not regret my decision at all.
What was your experience?
Over the last four years I have loved every minute of WIT, I have formed very close friendships as the classes are small so its easier to form relationships and know everyone by name, I have attended many events organised by WIT from student marches and protesting to non acamdemic events such as RAG week and Freshers week. I have also attended Brussels as part of ELS at WIT and have organised and attended the Law Ball, Humanities Ball and even the Business Ball. I have cherished every moment at WIT and will not forget all the highlights.
Can you recall your feeling when finding out you were offered a place in WIT?
I was thrilled as I always wanted to go to college but couldn't afford to go away so my first annd only place I put down was WIT and I have never ever regretted my chioce even to this day I talk very highly of WIT as a college, and how excellent the lecturers are, they really choose the best staff to teach the students.
What advice would you give to students considering your course?
All I would say is do it, it's only has hard as you make it if you dont study than its going to be very hard to pass, but if you do than it is worthwhile. You can still go out and have fun and still study as I am a good example of living the college dream by attending and studying but also going out for student nights if you put your mind to it you can do it. Three years ago I didnt think I would ever do a Masters and two years later I have completed two Masters.
If your course included a work placement, what was it like and how has it been of benefit?
My course didn't include a work placement for my undergraduate in Law, however, I could opt out of doing my thesis in my masters and do an internship which, I opted for and loved every moment of it I am now a full time worker in BNY Mellon Wexford and I have been promoted to a SNR AML Specialist in just six months.
When and where was your first job after graduating?
BNY Mellon Wexford
Where are you currently working? What position do you currently hold?
BNY Mellon Wexford as a SNR AIS AML/KYC Specialist
How has your studies at WIT helped you to get where you are today?
My studies at WIT helped me a lot I wouldnt be where I am today without WIT, as I studied law it helped me understand legislation, regulation and codes and practices. By studying a masters in global financial Information systems it has helped me develop a knowledge with IT software and business transactions on a global and local scale.
How did your experience at WIT help get you to where you are now?
My experience at WIT has helped me a lot as I partook in an internship in my masters and it helped me to get in the door of a company and since I have been here I have been promoted and I have been training in new staff, I love every moment of my job. There is no way to thank WIT and lecturers as they have done so much for me over these last few years, and I will be forever grateful and in return I will always highly recommend WIT as for me it is up there with one of the best colleges in Ireland.
Anything else you'd like to share about your experience at WIT?
In my undergraduate degree I was a First Year Class Rep I loved this as I got to make close friends from my class organise trips and even make friends fom other courses, I would ask everyone to at least try and be a class rep at least once in WIT. I was also heavily involved int the Law society at WIT; I was Entertainments officer and Vice president in my final year. I was also involved in ELSA in WIT ( Iwas vice president also in my final year), I was also the treasurer the year before that. I would highly recommend all students to join at least one club or society when they are in WIT as you make long lasting connections and also it's very good for your CV.
Living arrangements
Lived at home with my family
What is Waterford like as a city for college social life?
I have been living in Waterord for the last 23 years and would no change it for the world, Waterford is very small and everyone knows everyone and I love being from a town like this everyone is so helpful and friendly, rent isn't to dear for Waterford and if its a student house its cheaper again.

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