Lecturers help Jessica return to college and complete her degree

Pictured is graduate of Bachelor of Business (Hons) Jessica Norton

Pictured is graduate of Bachelor of Business (Hons) Jessica Norton

Completing the Bachelor of Business (Hons) degree gave Jessica a new sense of confidence and a positive outlook on her future career prospects

“Finishing my degree has made all the difference to me” says graduate of Bachelor of Business (Hons) Jessica Norton at her recent graduation ceremony. “For a while, I didn’t think this day would come – the day I graduated from WIT.”


“Thinking about it, it was such a silly thing, such a small thing. I had only a five credit module to complete but I just didn’t go back to do it.” Jessica feels that she was always meant to complete her degree and fate intervened when she met her lecturer Marie O’Dwyer in a shopping centre one day.

Marie convinced her to come back and finish that one module and, along with the head of department Joan McDonald, arranged for her to sit her exam in August. “It all happened quite quickly and two months later I’m here collecting my parchment.”

Added confidence

Jessica is working in a marketing role but still feels the degree is really important. “It’s more than a piece of paper, it has given me more confidence and belief in myself. It was holding me back and would hold me back in the future. Now I feel I can really move on in my career.”

Jessica loves her current role in Marketing in Laharts Garage in Kilkenny. “I’m flying solo as a marketing person but I really enjoy it.” Originally, I got a nine moth contract with the Volkswagen and Skoda dealership but it’s now more permanent and she’s been working there for the last two years.

Choosing the right course

Jessica, like many students, had an interest in more than one area of study. By taking the time to explore her options she chose the right career path.

“I’m so pleased I chose the course I did. I was between two very different areas – business and nursing. In the end I chose a business course in Cork which allowed me to explore business as an option. I realized that I loved it and that, importantly, it would open up more opportunities for me. I then had two years of general business on the Bachelor of Business (Hons) course before specializing in Marketing,” Jessica says.

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