Trainee solicitor Thomas tells us about his career in Probate, Commercial and Residential law


Trainee solicitor Thomas Carroll is currently specialising in the area of Probate, Commercial and Residential law since graduating from the LLB at WIT

“I made great friends during my time at WIT, and we have all achieved and surpassed what we originally hoped to do. I am currently training to be a Solicitor in M.W. Keller & Son Solicitors in Waterford City specialising in the areas of Residential and Commercial Conveyancing, Probate Law and Commercial Law.”

Legal journey at WIT

“During my three years at WIT, I was both fortunate and privileged to have had tuition and mentoring from individuals who were not only top of their academic fields but who had practical real world experience and were able to incorporate that into the lectures. From this knowledge I understood what was needed to work in the profession and what I could do to give myself the best chance possible to succeed.”

“The course was composed of a broad range of law modules and gave me a great basis in preparing for the Law Society Professional Exams. Overall my time spent at WIT was incredibly positive and has provided me with the correct skillset to follow my goals.”

Study Law at WIT

The LLB Bachelor of Laws is a three-year level 8 course of study at WIT. It is designed to provide a broad education that equips students with general knowledge, general transferable skills, legal knowledge and legal skills, while studying modules such as Contract Law, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law.

Graduates of the LLB Bachelor of Laws may find work in areas such as; Solicitor, Barrister, Broadcasting or Insurance.

This course is accredited by the Board of the Honorable Society of King’s Inns and Black Hall Place.

Graduates can progress on to the Masters of Law (LLM) course at WIT.

Course Code: WD140

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