From studying Law to persuing a career in Accountancy


WIT Law graduate Clodagh Ryan speaks of the diverse career opportunities, such as accountancy, that arise from studying the LLB Bachelor of Law at WIT

“When people ask what I studied in college, they are always surprised to hear that I studied Law despite the fact I pursued a career in accountancy. What people don’t know is that the LLB Bachelor of Laws course in WIT equips students with a whole host of skills which can be applied in all career paths.”

“The LLB Bachelor of Laws course gives students the opportunity to study a broad range of law modules, from the fundamental topics such as Tort, Contract and Constitutional Law to more modern/topical areas such as Company/Commercial Law and Intellectual Property Law.”

Small class sizes

“Small class sizes allow students to ask questions, contribute to discussions and also allows students to get to know their fellow classmates. During my time at WIT the lecturers were always more than willing to meet up after lecture hours and provide academic support and also career support/guidance. More importantly the small class size allowed me to forge friendships which made the course more enjoyable but also helped to lighten the workload!”

“One year on from graduating, I am now working as an Assurance Associate for Ernst & Young one of Ireland’s leading firms of auditors, tax and business advisors. All the skills and knowledge I gained while studying Law at WIT assist me daily in my current role, whether it involves critical assessment, completing reports or simply communicating with clients and other colleagues. I cannot recommend the LL.B. at WIT highly enough and would like to remind people that a Law degree can open up varied careers outside the legal profession.”

Study Law at WIT

The LLB Bachelor of Laws is a three-year level 8 course of study at WIT. It is designed to provide a broad education that equips students with general knowledge, general transferable skills, legal knowledge and legal skills, while studying modules such as Contract Law, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law.

Graduates of the LLB Bachelor of Laws may find work in areas such as; Solicitor, Barrister, Broadcasting or Insurance.

This course is accredited by the Board of the Honorable Society of King’s Inns and Black Hall Place.

Graduates can progress on to the Masters of Law (LLM) course at WIT.

Course Code: WD140

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