From studying LLB at WIT to working as a trainee solicitor in the UK

WIT graduate, Evan Ryan

WIT graduate, Evan Ryan

An interest in English and Law helped graduate Evan Ryan choose the LLB at WIT and is now working as a trainee solicitor with a legal firm in the UK

“I initially chose Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) because it was close to home and had the exact course that I wanted when it came to making my decisions towards the end of my final school year. I had always had an interest in law, I wouldn't say it was a passion - but I liked English, was interested in legal happenings and also had an interest in politics so it seemed like the right choice for me, and it really was!”

“From day one I liked WIT, and as the course began I soon realised that I had made a choice that would, somehow, affect the path my life was to take. With a small class, we became like a family - and every day was different and exciting. There was an excellent choice of legal subjects as was to be expected, and the lecturers, perhaps due to the reasonably small classes, gave each interested individual all the help and support that could possibly have been given. I enjoyed my time at WIT greatly, and was honoured in my final year to be elected president of the Law Society by my peers, which meant a lot to me.”

“Following graduation, I am now spending time in the UK where I am working as a Paralegal/Trainee Solicitor in a well-placed niche firm in the Midlands. I thoroughly enjoy it as each day is different and challenging. I feel the experience and skills I gained studying law at WIT ˗ academic, interpersonal and communication ˗ have set me up for life. More importantly, the degree has put me on an equal footing with those from universities. I could not recommend the LLB at WIT highly enough or commend the lecturers any higher. I emerged from WIT ready to enjoy working life, and I feel the skills and academic education I received at WIT has placed me on the cusp of some wonderful opportunities. I am very proud to have been a small part of the LL.B at WIT, and consider myself lucky to have made some lifelong friends at the same time.”

Study Law at WIT

The LLB Bachelor of Laws is a three-year level 8 course of study at WIT. It is designed to provide a broad education that equips students with general knowledge, general transferable skills, legal knowledge and legal skills, while studying modules such as Contract Law, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law.

Graduates of the LLB Bachelor of Laws may find work in areas such as; Solicitor, Barrister, Broadcasting or Insurance.

This course is accredited by the Board of the Honorable Society of King’s Inns and Black Hall Place.

Graduates can progress on to the Masters of Law (LLM) course at WIT.

Course Code: WD140

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