Make a difference to the world we live in with a horticulture degree


If you’ve spent the summer in the garden, or have always had an interest in the world of plants, Horticulture is on the 2017 CAO Available Places list

Did you know that Horticulture plays a central role in creating, maintaining, and enhancing the landscapes we live in, move through, and spend our leisure time in.

“The pristine golf courses and pitches we compete on and the beautiful parks, gardens and urban landscapes we relax in and would not be possible without the skills and knowledge of Ireland’s trained horticulturists,” says course leader of the BSc in Horticulture (Kildalton College) Dr Cara T. Daly.

In the same way, year-round supply of fruit, vegetables and flowers is only achieved because Hort scientists and producers make it so.

Much of the beauty we see in urban surroundings is also thanks to trained horticulturalists.

“Irish garden centres and tree nurseries produce high quality plants and these often make their way into the pretty, sustainable, pollinator-friendly floral displays we see in our thriving tourist towns,” says Dr Daly.

“Green buildings incorporating green roofs, walls and productive gardens enhance biodiversity and sustain our wildlife by creating green corridors through previously lifeless urban landscapes. There is a role for our Hort graduates along every step of the way,” she continues.

Diverse career opportunities

So where do Horticulture graduates find work?

“Upon graduation, our Horticulture graduates have found employment in the diverse Horticulture sector as plant producers, vegetable and fruit farmers, garden centre managers and owners, as self-employed landscape contractors and landscape designers, craft gardeners, green keepers, scientists, teachers, therapists and many other careers. Our horticulture graduates have a unique qualification which gifts many options for future earnings both in Ireland, and abroad,” says Dr Daly.

Dual campus course

The Horticulture degree in WIT is an excellent choice for students who like to combine practical hands-on learning with classroom learning. 

WIT’s collaboration with Kildalton College, Piltown allows students to benefit from the skills and expertise of Teagasc staff. The dual-campus course facilitates study of laboratory-based scientific modules and business modules on WIT's main campus in Waterford City, while Hort-based modules are delivered in Kildalton College where students have access to extensive glasshouses, orchards, grounds and Horticulture machinery. A free bus service operates between Kildalton and WIT.

WIT also runs WD097 BSc in Horticulture (National Botanic Gardens). Lectures and course delivery takes place in Dublin at the National Botanic Gardens. This is not available to apply for through the 2017 Available Places listing.

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