Masters in Business Management complimented previous studies, John

'The group work and peer relationships are utilized in this manner every day'

'The group work and peer relationships are utilized in this manner every day'

A focus on presentation and communications skills in WIT helped John to become more comfortable when conversing with suppliers and stakeholders

John Power is a past pupil of CBS Tramore, Waterford. He came to WIT to study MBs in Business Management to help his pursue a career in buisness. 

Time at WIT

Why did you choose your course?
I chose this course firstly, because I knew it would complement my previous studies in Maths and Economics and help me pursue my preferred career in business. It offered a vast range of disciplines and skills. Waterford is my home town so it made sense to study a good course close to home after three years in Cork.

What was your experience?
My experience was a fantastic one. The structure included seminars from top class speakers, a study trip to Brussels/Leuven and Business simulation.

These were phenomenal experiences. But what I loved about the WIT ethos is the student collaboration and group work, which enhances your team work and other soft skills.

Presentations are also a major aspect that WIT believes in. This is a daunting task at the time but very fruitful when entering the professional world. These are skills that really stood to me when I began working.

Can you recall your feeling when finding out you were offered a place in WIT
Surprise, relief and excitement. Surprise and relief because I wasn't certain that my previous course would be applicable to this Masters.

Excitement because I was starting a new chapter in my academic development.

What advice would you give to students considering your course?
Most importantly, submit an application even if you are not sure your previous course is complimentary of this Masters.

Put thought into your application, be sure to note all your achievements, including academic, sporting, music etc. This information offers the reviewer a good insight into your abilities, interests and suitability.

If your course included a work placement, what was it like and how has it been of benefit?
There wasn't placement, which was the only thing that the course lacked. Well not that it lacked, but it would have been beneficial.

When and where was your first job after graduating?
After travelling for a few months I got a job nine months after graduating in Verizon (American Telecommunications Company)

Where are you currently working? What position do you currently hold?
Verizon in Dublin. My position would be considered a Supply Chain Consultant.

How has your studies at WIT helped you to get where you are today?
I wouldn't say all the subjects we studied were essentially necessary for the line of work I'm in now but what was most beneficial is the thought process and systems that were employed.

How did your experience at WIT help get you to where you are now?
My position entails a lot of negotiating with large suppliers to ensure the most competitive rates on construction and engineering services. The presentation skills focus from WIT made me more comfortable when conversing with suppliers and stakeholders.

There is also a lot of collaboration with numerous departments to finalize an end-to-end contract including marketing, engineering, design and legal. The group work and peer relationships are utilized in this manner every day.

Living arrangements
Lived at home with parents during my study in WIT.

What is Waterford like as a city for college social life?
A city is what you make it. Waterford might not have the social life that is in Dublin or Cork or any major landmarks but the natural trails and walks on offer are something that are taken for granted.

The new initiative of the Greenway is a huge success. Waterford is a little bit behind but it is progressing nicely and has seen a number of new and redeveloped pubs and cafes.

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