Mix of business and marketing attracted Sallyanne to course

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Sallyanne Foskin at Conferring 2019

Sallyanne Foskin at Conferring 2019

Sallyanne talks about her reason for choosing this course and how she found her lectures and her experience doing a work placement

Sallyanne Foskin has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Tourism and Marketing from WIT. Sallyanne was more interested in the business aspect that this course offered, this is what drew her into the course.


Lectures and lecturers can have a massive impact on people’s experience and perception of the course. “I think most people do not realise that this course is more business based. The Lecturers were great and really helpful also”, she said

Why she chose this course

Sallyanne previously studied art in WIT for two years before realising it wasn’t something she was interested in. “Then I saw this course and it was more marketing and business based and the fact that I get to travel drew me in. I am also from Waterford, so it was it was local and easy to get to.”

For many students locality plays a major role for them in deciding where to study, just like it did for Sallyanne. Choosing something you are passionate about is important too because you choose something you aren’t interested in you won’t put the effort into it.

Some helpful advice

Having had the experience of college life and this course, Sallyanne had said, “I definitely would recommend it. The placement is mandatory, and it is such a great opportunity. I would advise them to do work experience in a field where you want to get a job.” For Sallyanne, she did her placement in France working in summer camps for 6 weeks during the summer. She found it to be an amazing and rewarding experience and she highly recommended it.

Interviewed at Conferring 2019 by Nyomi Curry

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