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Course aims to help workers manage their own work-related stress and provides tools for managers to help create a less stressful working environment

The School of Health Sciences in WIT are delighted to announce the delivery of a new online educational course, a ‘Certificate in the Management of Work-Related Stress’.

The course is tailored to workers in the health and social care sectors in Ireland.  It aims to help workers manage their own work related stress and to provide information and tools to workers and service managers to help them to create a less stressful working environment.

The course is accredited by Waterford Institute of Technology as a 20 Credit Level 6 Special Purpose Award ‘Certificate in the Management of Work-Related Stress’. There are no lectures to attend, and the course content can be accessed online anytime and anywhere. Learners will be supported by a lecturer in WIT, who will facilitate online discussion forums and provide regular open skype hours tutorials.

To complete the course learners must submit a portfolio of achievement. The portfolio is a collection of short written assignments completed by the learner as they progress through the course. The assignments build on learner’s existing knowledge and understanding of occupational stress at a personal level and in their own workplace.

The course consists of the two modules, each worth ten credits. Module 1, Person-Centred Management of Work-Related Stress aims to provide workers with the information and skills to manage their individual levels of occupational stress. Module 2, Environment-Centred Management of Work-Related Stress, aims to help workers to create a less stressful workplace.                

Person Centred Module: Units of Learning

Introduction to Stress

Prevention of Stress

Coping with your Stress

Changing How you Think about Things

Giving Feedback and Constructive Criticism

Learning to Deal with Behaviours you find Challenging

Learning How to Relax

Environment Centred Module: Units of Learning

The Organisation and Stress

Interpersonal Skills, Listening and Assertiveness

Leadership and Motivation

Managing the Process of Change

Organisational Policies

Risk Assessment


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