Nick McGrath discusses how New Frontiers was the launching pad for his business

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Nick McGrath owner of Hybrid Energy Solutions Limited said that the New Frontiers programme at WIT was fundamental to the business getting lift off

The electricity markets are undergoing a transformation that has not happened since the 1880's. Ireland is targeting 70% peak power production from renewable energy. The evolution of electric vehicles and the smart grid are resulting in an electricity industry undergoing transformation and Hybrid Energy is set to capitalize on the evolution.

Kilkenny-based Hybrid Energy Solutions Limited supplies Hybrid Generators and Battery Storage Technology for the Integration of renewable power and thermal power generation to minimize fossil fuel in electricity production to Renewable And Thermal Electricity Generators, Electricity Consumers and Grid Operators. Here Nick McGrath tells his experience of the New Frontiers programme. 

Experience of New Frontiers

When did you participate in the New Frontiers Programme2007-2008

Did you take part in Phase 1 or Phase 2 or both? Phase 1

Where did your business idea come from? Working for a Multinational Company I identified a need and began to develop a product to meet the demand.

How has the New Frontiers Programme helped you to get where you are today?  It was the launch pad for the business and absolutely fundamental to the business getting lift off.

What age were you when you started on the New Frontiers programme? 42

What advice would you give to those considering the New Frontiers programme? It is a fantastic experience and you will meet some really great people who will support you as you understand whether this idea can be commercialized.

What's your vision for the business for the future?  Our vision is to develop a world-class business environment for our staff, customers, and associates.  By embracing our core values, we will deliver world-class products and services and continuously improve our environmental performance. This means that we will:

  • Promote sustainable development by preventing pollution and eliminating undesirable impacts on the environment.
  • Ensure our efforts result in continuous and measurable improvements to the environment.
  • Ensure that the activities of the Group are planned and performed taking into account the individual employee, the work environment and the surroundings.

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