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Two publications are currently being reviewed for oral presentation at the 2017 International Health Promoting Hospitals Conference in Vienna

Encouragement by nursing lecturers of early-stage submissions to journals has paid off at WIT’s Department of Nursing and Health Care.

Four undergraduate nursing students have had papers published in Nursing journals recently. They are Phillipa Kirwan, BSc (Hons) General Nursing, Year 3; Jillian Power, BSc (Hons) General Nursing Year 4, Layla Hughes, Intellectual Disability Nursing, Year 4, Dawn Smyth, a BSc (Hons) General Nursing, a recent graduate.

Dr Patricia Chesser-Smyth, Course Leader in Post-Registration BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies explains the significance of being published in journals.

“Over the last two years, have been encouraging undergraduate students to publish in Nursing journals which is a very arduous process and sometimes also bitterly disappointing when the outcome is not a positive one for achieving publications. This is important for their personal and professional development particularly in the realms of health care.”

“We are delighted that four students from Year 3 and Year 4 have been successful and their papers have been accepted for publication. This is virtually unheard of among the undergraduate population and we are so proud of all their efforts and hard work to achieve this,” she continued.

Phillipa Kirwan’s paper was published in the Nursing Standard and she has subsequently been asked to enter for the Andrew Parker Student Nurse Award organised by Royal College of Nursing, in the United Kingdom.

“When asked by Dr Chesser-Smyth, to write a reflective paper in the Nursing Standard about my placement in the Neo Natal Unit was something that turned out to be cathartic and it felt like a lovely tribute to my daughter and all that she brought to my life. Finding out that it had been accepted for publication was a real surprise and I was delighted. As it is my story, I never appreciated how unusual it might seem and I do hope that it will inspire other students to write about their own experiences,” she says.

Jillian Power has also published in the Nursing Standard. “I was delighted to be given the opportunity to write a paper for the Nursing Standard and thrilled to find I will have a publication from these efforts towards life-long learning.  The support from Dr Chesser Smyth, throughout the process enabled me to complete the submission and the encouragement increased my confidence for which I am truly grateful.” she says.

Layla Hughes says she is delighted to have had her work published in a peer-reviewed journal. “I was encouraged to develop my assignment for publication by one of my lecturers at Waterford Institute of Technology, Dr Paula Lane.  It was a great experience to work with Paula and learn what is required to prepare a piece of work to submit for publication.  Being the first undergraduate intellectual disability nursing student at WIT to have had work published is a privilege and I hope that other students will feel inspired to follow suit.  The publication has undoubtedly helped boost my CV and I am so grateful to Paula for the support, advice and encouragement that she has given me.”

Dawn Smyth, who was previously winner of the prestigious Undergraduate Awards 2014 in the Nursing & Midwifery Category for her work entitled “Abortion: Exploring the Ethical, Legal and Political Challenges” says having her work published as an undergraduate has given her confidence in her own academic ability.

“It has given me the drive and determination to pursue professional opportunities without fear of failure. It has also demonstrated to me that anything is possible if you work hard enough and have the right support behind you.”

As a student, she was encouraged to enter her work into the International Undergraduate Awards 2014. “I am immensely proud and thankful to my lecturer Dr. Paula Lane who suggested that I participate. The support and encouragement a student receives in college can shape their career pathway and so I believe the staff of WIT’s Department of Nursing and Health Care is to be commended for their commitment to student affairs,” she said

Dr Paula Lane also played an integral part in encouraging students to enter items for publication to journals. She said: “We are very proud of our nursing students and value their creativity and skill in developing their academic work, for publication. Their publications capture the clinical importance of key contemporary heath issues such as Dawn’s work on the protection of human life in pregnancy and Layla’s work on the use of restraint; both papers offer guidance to practicing clinicians. I am delighted that both publications are currently being reviewed for oral presentation at the 2017 International Health Promoting Hospitals Conference in Vienna. This is a valuable opportunity to showcase the work of WIT’S Department of Nursing.”

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