The Machine Podcast: Ep 07 Tech Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future


On The seventh episode of The Machine podcast, Rob and his guests recommend the perfect tech Christmas gift

The latest episode is Christmas-themed, looking at the ghosts of tech past, present and future and features Rob O'Connor, Mairead Meagher, Siobhan Drohan, Brenda Mullally and Colm Dunphy. You might be interested to hear the recommendations for tech gifts which includes a rundown on wearable devices Fitbits, Apple Watch, eReaders, games consoles and other such devices.

There’s also some irreverent misty-eyed nostalgia for tech of years gone by, including Amstrad computers, the Commodore Amiga, Nintendo DS (1st gen), video recorders, floppy disks and even meccano gets a mention.

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