Presidents’ Scholarship recipient discusses the benefits of the award

Presidents' Scholarship recipient and BA (Hons) Social Care Practice student, Cian O'Grady

Presidents' Scholarship recipient and BA (Hons) Social Care Practice student, Cian O'Grady

First year Social Care Practice student and Presidents Scholarship recipient, Cian O’Grady tells us about his experience so far as a student at WIT

The Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) Presidents’ Scholarship rewards students for their contribution to society in making a better world for us all to live in. The scholarship does not focus solely on results, it is determined by the individual’s capability to shape a better society. Cian O’Grady was one of five students to receive the Presidents’ Scholarship;

Acts of volunteering

“I received this scholarship for my various acts of volunteering. I do a lot of work with the homeless in Limerick volunteering with charities like St. Vincent De Paul and The Mid-West Simon Community. I also do a lot of work in my community, whether that be volunteering in the local hall serving dinners to the community, coaching soccer at my local soccer club, being a part of the clean-up limerick in my local community of Herbertstown, or even organising events in the Parish. I was fortunate enough to win the Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards in 2016 which recognised me on a national level for my volunteer work and which gave me the opportunity to go over to America.”

The course

“I am currently studying the BA (Hons) in Social Care Practice at WIT. Social Care Practice is a 4 year course and the reason I chose social care practice is because it gives me the chance to go on placements for two twelve week periods, the first in semester one of year two and the second in semester two of year 3. This is giving me the chance to take what I have learned in college and to use it on my placement to give me valuable experience which will help give me a clear idea of what I want to do when I get my degree. I absolutely love the course, as it has a great mixture of modules like, Psychology, Sociology, Social Policy and also Applied Creativity modules which teach you about different things you can do with people to help them develop etc.”


“The Scholarship, overall has been the best thing that has happened to me. The Presidents Scholarship has offered me the chance to leave home and live independently, which every student needs. It has offered me the chance to meet new people and make such good friendships. While we all do our voluntary work to help people out and for nothing in return, it is really nice to know that a college like WIT thinks that my voluntary work was worth getting a scholarship to help me study. On top of it all, My CV stands out amongst other applicants as not many people get such a highly regarded scholarship like this.”

Study the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Social Care practice at WIT

This is a 4-year level 8 course of study designed to prepare students for professional careers in Social Care Work and facilitate students who wish to pursue a specific area of interest.

The overall aim of the course is to develop critically reflective, skilled and ethically aware professional Social Care workers. 

Placement occurs in Semestes 3 and 6, and consists of 35 hours per week for 12 weeks, supervised social care practice. Note: Garda Vetting & Fitness to Study/Practice requirements must be met by all students on this course.

Students who enrol in this course can expect to study modules such as; Social policy & Welfare, Irish Social Policy and Developmental Psychology.

Course Code: WD192

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