Psychology in WIT can be the key to a successful Masters

Alison Keane graduate of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology

Alison Keane graduate of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology

Masters student Alison Keane talks about her time in WIT and how the BA (Hons) in Psychology set the perfect foundation to continue her studies

Doing a masters is never easy, but Alison explains that the modules she studied in WIT made the transition from an undergraduate course into a masters as smooth as possible.  

“All the psychology we learned in WIT, we are using that theory and applying it to settings and seeing how you can use that psychology in the work force and all other areas,” says Alison. She adds that the course has lots of elements that can be very interesting, and the skills learned can be applied in different areas as well as in your own life.

“We study human learning so it’s really interesting what you learn about yourself while doing the course,” she says. “You learn so much, not only about college and the course, but you learn so much about yourself.”

College life

Originally from Waterford, Alison found WIT to be the perfect learning environment. “I just liked how you could just come into college and it was always such relaxed environment which made easier to learn.”

College can be a daunting place at first but it can also be a great place to make new memories and meet new people so what makes WIT so special? “I just think it’s a really nice college. It’s not too big, you get to know so many people just because you are going into the same buildings every day. It’s just got a really nice atmosphere,” she adds.

“I’ve had such a good time with my friends over the past three years and I just like how you could just come in and it was just so chilled out.”

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