Quantity surveying graduate reaps the benefits of a smaller class

Yi Hui Tan - Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Quantity Surveying

Yi Hui Tan - Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying graduate Yi Hui Tan talks about the benefits of being in a small class in WIT after coming from a class of 350 students in Malaysia

After lots of research and scoping out the local industry Yi chose WIT as the college where she would continue her studies in Quantity Surveying. Coming to Ireland from Malaysia was a big change for Yi but a great opportunity. She came to the BS (Hons) in Quantity Surveying for year three and four of the course.

Does class size matter?

Yi explained how she preferred WIT’s smaller class sizes compared to her class of 350 in Malaysia. There were some difficulties being part of such a large class size “If you want to ask questions, there are a lot of students and you only have two hours of class, so the teacher can’t pick all of the questions.” She explained that if you do have a question you must contact the lecturer in your own time and do more research by yourself. This can take lots of time when you get confused about a specific topic, especially when you have lots of college work to do. “I do prefer the smaller classes because it can be more one on one. My class only has six students so it’s great. The teacher gets more involved and has time to share more examples and stories with us because they have less students. They can share their own experience which can really help for the class to learn.”

Life after college

Currently Yi is working in Waterford using her graduate visa. She plans on getting her working permit and staying in Ireland. When she gets here first charter title she is hopes to continue her studies with a masters.

Picking courses 

Yi is a strong advocate in picking a course that will lead students into a career that they will love, find interesting and make them happy. “I think they should ask themselves ‘What do you really want?’ Like don’t just follow the trend it will ruin you. Don’t just follow what other people say, follow your heart.”

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