Ray Griffin considers: What the Greek referendum means

Dr Ray Griffin, lecturer in strategy in the WIT School of Business

Dr Ray Griffin, lecturer in strategy in the WIT School of Business

Walking amongst the OXI and NAI protesters on the Friday before the Greek referendum was Dr Ray Griffin lecturer in strategy in the WIT School of Business.

After spending most of the day huddled in conference with hundreds of other business lecturers talking about unemployment and work, and “the examined life”; the warm Athens evening and carnival atmosphere belied a country on the edge.

Two days before the Greeks voted on accepting a deal that was no longer on offer, a vote cast as a referendum on whether Greece will stay in the Euro and perhaps even the EU, Ray talked to Billy McCarthy of WLRfm about his experience in this wounded country and reflections on cracks in the Greek economy.

Dr Ray Griffin talks to Billy McCarthy on Deise AM

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