Research key to right course choice for student who loves the outdoors


"Now I am doing something that I am happy doing."

David explains how he loves going to work – managing the gardens and crops of a private estate since completing his horticulture degree with WIT

BSc Horticulture gave David Walsh (Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny), the opportunity to learn new skills while enjoying the practical element of the outdoors 

Why did you choose this course? 
I previously did a course but it didn’t suit me so I decided to come back to college and do something that I like and that I was interested in. I spent a bit of time researching, I knew I wanted to do something related to the outdoors, out in the air. I had always been interested in gardening when I was younger, my grandparents and father did gardening, so it seemed like a logical choice to make. 

Tell me more about BSc Horticulture? 
The modules I took were landscape design and market gardening to name a few. We were out in greenhouses, we went on a lot of field trips. We designed ideas and put them into place. I liked stepping back and seeing it, and thinking I did that. It wasn’t just theory on a screen, you went out and did it and saw the results. The lecturers are very helpful, the support you get is great. 

Do you think it important to do something you love in college? 
Definitely I think kids should go to more work places and they should have more speakers come into schools to talk to the kids so they know what they want to do. 

What changes has it made to your life? 
Now I am doing something that I am happy doing, I nearly look forward to it everyday. I’m working on a private estate gardening. I have to manage their gardens and crops and make sure everything is ready for the oncoming weeks. It is a day to day kind of job, there is more freedom. 

What advice would you give to somebody else considering this course? 
If you are interested go for it, it is very enjoyable. You are not really in the classroom too much, you are outside. It is very hands on and practical. 

Interviewed at conferring 2018 by Susie Brennan 

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